January 27, 2011






 Yes, I do realize my that my pants are very "crotch-ful". They actually don't look like that in person, but the camera just emphasized that area for some reason. ANYWAY, sushi and shoes. That's what I did after work today. John and I ate sushi at a great Maki sushi place in Austin and then proceeded to go to Target to walk it off. I quickly discovered that Dolce Vita has a new shoe line for SS11 at Target. I could not pass that up-so I got myself some espadrilles. They're awesome. I can't wait to wear them. 

On another note, I have discovered yet another band I am truly intrigued by. They are called The Detroit Cobras and the girls voice is indeed captivating. They remind me of The Heartless Bastards because of the singers voice, but with a little more of a punch. Listen for yourself:

Cheetah print cardigan: Zara
Blue trousers & belt: Zara
Oxfords: Steve Madden
White top: Forever 21


  1. love this outfit, very classy and cute!

  2. I like the outfit! And I love the picture where you are jumping, it looks like you're standing on the tip of your toes.


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