January 31, 2012

Her name was Lola

Sweater, shorts, accessories & socks- Forever 21 / Parka- Old Navy / Boots- Jeffrey Campbell

So there is a reason for the title of my post. John and I had some friends over this past Saturday, and they brought their little girl. She is the most adorable child I have seen to date! Her name is Lola and she is 1 1/2. She quickly became comfortable with us and I could not seem to get away from her (or vice-versa). 

Anyway, I really have been trying to to make more posts, but with a full-time job, daily yoga, and Pinterest, I cannot seem to find the time. I know that seems like such a line, but I will really try to step it up! Also, I posted the last picture because of my hairstyle. I was so proud of myself for doing this! I have seen it on so many other girls and I've always wanted to try it. I found an awesome tutorial at GalMeetsGlam@blogspot.com . Check it out!

January 22, 2012

Red Hot

 Blouse-H&M / Leopard print corduroy shorts-Forever 21 / Red pumps-TJ Maxx / Watch- Marc by Marc Jacobs / Bracelets - Forever 21 / Bag-Furor Moda

Not much to say today- I've been so exhausted lately with work. Yoga is completely making up for it though and giving me some of that strength back. I'm so addicted to it. 

 Also, I've been longing to go shopping for so long! I haven't gone shopping since Christmas (I purchased this amazing blouse at H&M in Dallas when we visited then). Maybe this weekend? :-)

P.S. That last picture is the sunset view from our balcony. Absolutely breathtaking!

January 9, 2012

Blue Night

Maxi skirt-Forever 21 / Top- Old Navy / Red pumps- thrifted / Bag-Furor Moda / Necklace-Kenneth Cole

I have totally been neglecting my blog and my closet (somewhat) lately. I have no excuse, other than I get lazy when it comes to taking pictures. I wear the outfits, so I guess I have actually been "neglecting" my camera(s). I HAVE been keeping up with other people's blogs and I have to say you all are amazing! I recently stumbled upon my latest blogger obsession (Yes, I have different ones every few months) AGoGoFashion. Amongst them have been NeonBlush, DulceCandy, & GaryPepperVintage.This girl, Jennifer, just like the other beauties listed above, have such gorgeous faces and such amazing style! Their style is so effortless. This inspired me to brush the dust off my camera and finally put on this beautiful blue maxi skirt I purchased almost a month ago, but never wore. I paired the bright blue with my bright red suede pumps and went out on the town and had an amazing time!

We went to downtown 6th St. to enjoy Free Show Week and watch some bands perform. I miss doing that. Just enjoying good music from bands you've never heard of before. Good times.  

P.S. That band pictured above is called 'T-Bird and the Breaks' and they rock!