January 25, 2011

Lucy Hale (a.k.a. Aria Montgomery)

I love her! I've become quite obsessed with Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family. I started watching it as a means of ridding myself of boredom. Within a couple of minutes, I was hooked! It wasn't only the intriguing mystery behind every text message received from a supposed dead girl, but what really caught my eye was the character of Aria Montgomery. Actress Lucy Hale has huge doll eyes and beautiful wavy hair. Her style on the show is impeccably chic. Check out the pictures above! 

Feature on WhoWhatWear.com

Feature on Teen Vogue

 These are some of the photo shoots that Lucy Hale was featured in. In the first photo shoot she pulls off the prim & proper look with pretty prints and sophisticated fits. The second shoot reminds me more of a vintage prep style. I love how the bright colors mix with the bold design of the necklaces. I feel inspiration coming on for the Spring/Summer. 


  1. great post xD!!

  2. this girl is so gorgeous! I really love her style and I'd like to wear like her. Kisses :) you have a new follower

  3. Lucy Hale looks like walking doll. I so loving her. And her style, I just love every dress she wears. shes so cool and she also sing beautifully.

  4. ótimo post .... amo o estilo da lucy e da aria do pll ,lindas .


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