September 27, 2011



 My chica TinaFina

Oversized sweater-thrifted from Nordstrom Rack/Shorts-American Eagle/Boots-Asos/Drawstring Bag-The Sak/Accessories-Forever 21
Neon Indian at Mohawk's on Friday night! This was so much fun! I was able to catch up with my frennn Tina and enjoy good music. I have been longing to wear my new Asos Chelsea leather boots but have been afraid of ruining them due to my horrifying clumsiness. I probably chose the worse place and situation to wear them for the first time, but oh well, I love them! I've noticed that I have seriously gone to A LOT of shows since I moved to Austin (only a little over a year). What do you expect from a music-loving gal?!

September 25, 2011

Pumpkin and the Patch

 Sweater, bag & shoes-Forever 21/Shorts-Urban Outfitters

Wouldn't that be a great name for a children's book?! :) One of my favorite things for the Fall season are pumpkin patches. I would love to take a sleeping bag and place it right in the middle of millions of pumpkins and fall asleep under the stars. I'm weird, I know :) This one was a smaller one right outside of a Whole Foods Market right by our apt. The only thing that would have made it 100% better was if the weather was at least a good 60 degrees F instead of 101 degrees F.

September 20, 2011

Short & Sweet

Skirt,Purse & Top-Forever 21/Heels-Zara/Belt-thrifted

No pun intended on the title---or is there??... Haha :) I cannot get enough of this skirt!

September 18, 2011

Austin City Limits-Pre & After Shows



Top-Urban Outfitters/Short & Boots-Forever 21

So you would think that living in Austin, TX I would have been at the Austin City Limits Festival ALL weekend. Well, you'd be wrong, haha. I did, however,  make it to a Pre-Show at the W Hotel downtown on Thursday night to watch Katy B. from London perform. Her sound was a mix of hip-hop and electronic with a very cute accent and very powerful voice. On Friday night it was time for some "dupstep" so that meant Skrillex of course. His performance was AMAZING! My camera was so confused by the flashing lights and lasers. I did what I could. 

September 11, 2011

Gold Rush

Blouse-thrifted/Black pants-Zara/Peep-toe shoes-Betsey Johnson/ Gold accessories-Forever 21/

So apparently my camera does whatever it wants, WHENEVER it wants. That ray of light kept coming in and out of the pictures, but I think it also might've been my husband moving around while he was taking them. 

ANYWAY, I love this new envelope clutch I ordered from I had actually just received it a few hours earlier in the mail and I couldn't wait to wear it. Literally. I ordered a couple of other things, but I'm waiting an appropriate amount of time to wear those. Maybe tomorrow? Haha :)

Later that night, we met up with a couple of friends downtown. I was so excited to see my friend Athena and her husband Luis in Austin! It was definitely quite a fun night!  

September 7, 2011

Oxford "Coma"


My homie the Cow

 Oh, you boys!

 Vest-Urban Outfitters/Jeans-Zara/Oxfords-Steve Madden/Satchel-Vintage Coach/Ring & Hat-Forever 21

I've definitely have been in an "oxford coma". I decided to take my Oxfords out for another spin. I love the versatility of these shoes-they go with everything! I spent most of the weekend hanging out with my husband John and my brother-in-law Chris (like usual haha). After lunch on Sunday, we decided to go walk around The Arboretum (shopping center in Austin). We live right down the street from it and we needed to walk off the pound of food we had just eaten. I've always loved the view from this place. That picture above does not do it justice-it is seriously breathtaking. We ended up at this eccentric toy shop, Toy Joy. They have the funnest and weirdest toys and trinkets for everyone and anyone (as you can tell in some of the pictures above).

The weather in Austin has become bearable in the past few days. We are no longer in the 100+ degrees. I believe it actually dropped down to 86 degrees the other day! I haven't thought about it 'till now because of all of the fires that have happened lately.  Miles and miles of burnt houses and land. You  can see the smoke cloud from the center of the city. We DEFINITELY need some rain PRONTO!