January 30, 2011




"Oh, what a night!" It was definitely quite a night last night.It started with dinner and dessert with John at a very romantic Italian restaurant in downtown Austin, followed by a fun and interesting night in the same area celebrating a friend's 25th birthday. The night started early and ended rather late, but overall was full of bar hopping a cocktail sipping. Today, all I want to do is lay around my apartment and do nothing. Well, maybe watch some movies and read some magazines.

Top, leather skirt, booties, & jewelry: Forever 21
Tights: Target
Large envelope clutch: thrifted

January 27, 2011






 Yes, I do realize my that my pants are very "crotch-ful". They actually don't look like that in person, but the camera just emphasized that area for some reason. ANYWAY, sushi and shoes. That's what I did after work today. John and I ate sushi at a great Maki sushi place in Austin and then proceeded to go to Target to walk it off. I quickly discovered that Dolce Vita has a new shoe line for SS11 at Target. I could not pass that up-so I got myself some espadrilles. They're awesome. I can't wait to wear them. 

On another note, I have discovered yet another band I am truly intrigued by. They are called The Detroit Cobras and the girls voice is indeed captivating. They remind me of The Heartless Bastards because of the singers voice, but with a little more of a punch. Listen for yourself:

Cheetah print cardigan: Zara
Blue trousers & belt: Zara
Oxfords: Steve Madden
White top: Forever 21

January 25, 2011

Lucy Hale (a.k.a. Aria Montgomery)

I love her! I've become quite obsessed with Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family. I started watching it as a means of ridding myself of boredom. Within a couple of minutes, I was hooked! It wasn't only the intriguing mystery behind every text message received from a supposed dead girl, but what really caught my eye was the character of Aria Montgomery. Actress Lucy Hale has huge doll eyes and beautiful wavy hair. Her style on the show is impeccably chic. Check out the pictures above! 

Feature on WhoWhatWear.com

Feature on Teen Vogue

 These are some of the photo shoots that Lucy Hale was featured in. In the first photo shoot she pulls off the prim & proper look with pretty prints and sophisticated fits. The second shoot reminds me more of a vintage prep style. I love how the bright colors mix with the bold design of the necklaces. I feel inspiration coming on for the Spring/Summer. 

January 23, 2011

Come fly with me




 ...let's fly, let's fly away! I love Frank Sinatra. He's so dreamy! I guess I like the whole old-fashioned New York style that exudes from his being. Well, his voice has something to do with it as well. I have no idea why I'm going on a rant about him now. That song randomly pops into my head at times. 

It was actually quite a beautiful day in Austin yesterday. The sun was out, the wind was blowing, and then it got really cold right about at 7pm. It was nice while it lasted. John and I did a lot of window shopping. Mostly for our apt. We ended up at Anthropologie in the home section. I love how all of their stuff is so out of the ordinary and has a sort of vintage feel to it. I'm a sucker for a pastel colored porcelain plate. I could've spent hours there, but of course, I moved on to the clothes section.

Oh well.

Black hat: thrifted
Blue striped satin bow necklace: thirfted
Oversized knit sweater: Forever 21
Polka-dot skirt: Zara
Brown booties: Forever 21

January 21, 2011

It's the silly things we do





Helloooo freezing cold! Really, I don't even want to go to my car to grab that pair of flats I left there. I had to defrost in my apt. before I ran out to my porch to rush with the picture taking. Luckily, it wasn't THAT bad since the sun was hitting my skin in all the right places. Anyway, these last few pictures depict my Friday night: a warm fire going, and a stack of magazines that are way past overdue. I am seriously subscribed to too many of them. I was really stoked to see Michelle Williams on the cover of Marie Claire though. She was great in Blue Valentine! I'm saving that one for last. 

I hope it gets at least a little warmer tomorrow. I want to be able to leave my apt. not wearing like 3 layers of clothing. Gotta love winter! 

Blue print dress: Zara
Grey cardigan: Nordstrom
Scarf: thrifted
Flats: Dollhouse
Panda pin: thrifted

January 16, 2011

Blue Valentine


Blue Valentine night! Wow, what a great movie. It was like the most perfect romantic, non-romantic movie ever. I don't want to spoil any details...just watch it!

After the movie we went over to the Barnes & Noble right next to the theater to purchase some medical books and references for John. I managed to sneak off to the travel section (my favorite section, other that the fashion section) and wandered into the Europe shelves. I wanted it all! I want to start brushing up on everything I need to know about Europe- I think that is the actual title of one of the books there. Anyway, we then went to a coffee shop by Lake Travis called Mozart's. It was so cozy and pretty. We will definitely be going back there. 

Black & white striped blazer: Forever 21
Purple top: Gap
Black high-waisted shorts: Zara
Stud belt & gray jersey bag: Charlotte Russe
Black bow booties: Forever 21
Necklace: Hot Topic