April 26, 2011

Sunshine shining



 The sun is shining again and all I want to do is go to the lake, go swimming, tubing, or do any sort of water activity. I am also officially booked for my L.A. trip so that has me flying! I am so excited I might as well be bouncing off the walls. 

Let the summer begin! 

3-D top: Zara
Shorts: thrifted
Satchel: Modcloth.com
Espadrilles: Dolce Vita for Target
Accessories: Forever 21

April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend


This was the beginning to my Easter weekend: dinner at Musashino Dokoro with delicious fried crabs and sushi rolls. This was a pretty random weekend. We were supposed to go to The Capital of Texas Zoo, but that didn't work out as we planned for whatever reason.

I need some carne asada. Yum.

Top, skirt, and belt: thrifted
Yellow flats: Target

April 21, 2011


Here's a quick post for today! I haven't been able to upload any pictures in a while. I realized today that wearing heels to work might not be such a good idea. There is too much getting up, running around and sitting back down. Yeah, flats might be a better idea. Anyway, I am going back to posting my weekend outfits tomorrow. I am usually too tired to take pictures after a long day of work during the week, that is why weekday outfit posts are unusual in this blog. That and the fact that I have am too tired from the day before to even care about coming up with a good outfit for work. Oh well, whaddaya gonna do, right? I'll do it every now and then. 'Till then!-listen to this awesome song:

Cheetah-print top: Forever 21
Silk pants: Forever 21
Black suede pumps: BCBG Paris

April 10, 2011

Sabados de Gozadera

(Not so direct) Translation: Saturdays of enjoyment. John and I spent almost the entire day listening to the Spanish "Caliente" station on XM Radio. I took me back to all of the Quinceaneras and Weddings that I attended when I was younger. It was always a good time when you got to dance to a "cumbia" or a "ballada".

We were really craving margaritas at around 3pm for some reason, so we decided to go to South Congress st. near downtown Austin and stop by Guero's Restaurant. We had a few delicious ones along with some "Queso Flameado". Such a delicious fat-filled, calorie-filled snack (there's my sarcasm kicking in). We were pretty much in the vintage shopping area of town, so I decided to take a looksie at some of the nearby vintage stores. It was definitely a fully enjoyed and relaxed Saturday afternoon.

Grey top & floral shorts: Forever 21
Belt: thrifted
Yellow flats: Target

April 8, 2011

Upcoming movie obsession

I am so unbelievably excited to watch this movie. The cast is amazing! I already feel like it is going to be one of my favorites. Check out the trailer:

April 5, 2011

Color me Bright


So I've recently realized that there are only about 2 months left for my "pre-planned" trip to Los Angeles, CA. The excitement is definitely building up, so for my own sake, I hope these plans definitely come about. There always seems to be either a very minor or a very major flaw when big plans are made. The two in my life always seem to be time & money. If it wasn't for those two very annoying life factors, I'm sure everyone's life would be a lot more exhilarating. Nonetheless, these two very annoying life factors so make the world go 'round. Oh, poo.

Tangent over. L.A.L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. I'm done. <3

Batman T-shirt: Target (Boy's section)
Sneakers: Forever 21
Shades: Forever 21

April 3, 2011

Le Mouse Love



I've gotta say, Austin is looking more and more beautiful everyday. The greens and the oranges are like nothing I've seen before. Even though the weather has been a little on the gloomy side, it is still a sight. I've recently been working on figuring out what kind of job I really want to do, since the whole "office job" was just a temporary thing since the beginning. I haven't had much luck since I want to do a lot of things. I guess I need to keep working on that. Someone help, haha.

All I want right now, is some hot tea and to cozy up on my amazingly comfortable couch. I definitely wish the weekend was just 1 more day longer than usual. 

Crop top: Forever 21
Dark denim jeans: Zara
Cut-out yellow flats: Target

April 2, 2011

I was sitting round like a zombie feedin' my own face



This was my outfit for the Cold War Kids concert last night. I was so extremely tired after the long week that I just did NOT want to go anywhere. I just wanted to nap. But how can I pass up a Cold War Kids concert that I already had had tickets to for like 2 months. I sucked it up and ended up having a freaking good time. 

These guys can certainly put on a show. They switch instruments with each other and even play the drums with maracas. I have always love the singers voice. It's unique and definitely mesmerizing. These last few pictures were taken by my husband, John, and his awesome Android because of the ever so annoying staff at Stubb's and their "no camera" rule. Even though I'm sure people probably sneak in their tiny cameras by hiding them in their crotch or something. Definitely something to consider for next time.

Hot Pants: Urban Outfitters
Button-down: John's closet
Gold Mary Janes: Hot Topic (old)