March 28, 2011

Take me to Neverland, 'cause I'm never coming back


Sucker-Punching-nauseating-roller-night. That makes sense in my brain. Sort of. Please, oh please make the weekend come again soon. I can't wait to see Cold War Kids this Friday. I can't wait to do nothing this weekend. Does that make me lazy or just human? I don't really care. Just, blah.

Enjoy this song that has been trying to escape from my brain for a while now. 

Trousers, peter pan collar top, belt: Zara

March 27, 2011

Pseudo Woods

After weeks and weeks of searching for the perfect length maxi skirt, I finally came upon a perfect black chiffon one at American Apparel. I kept putting off the idea of buying a maxi skirt meant for girls with perfect long legs and having it hemmed. My mind fully understood that girls my height aren't meant to wear skirts this long, but I was damned if I was going to let that get in the way of wearing one. I absolutely love the way this skirt moves and how light and airy it is.

Friday night was full of sushi, delicious cupcakes, great friends and a lot of drinks. It was a pretty good night, if I may say so myself.

Skirt: American Apparel
Top: Zara
Cheetah-print bag: Forever 21

March 20, 2011

Double take


This past weekend was sort of a blur. I hadn't gotten in enough sleep during the week that I couldn't think straight and completely enjoy the weekend. Saturday was a pretty random day: apartment hunting, homemade pizza for lunch (gracias Christian) and the American Apparel Flea Market Warehouse sale for SXSW. I guess I should have hit that a little earlier because by the time I got there, everyone else had already "vultured" their way in and out taking with them everything on the racks. The night started and ended early in downtown Austin, and after a couple of drinks I was ready to go home.

Today was a more relaxed day. Did a little shopping at Borders (the store is closing down) for a few travel books. Mostly places that are definitely on my mind for visitation in the near future.

Purple pants: Forever 21
Denim button-down: thrifted
White button-down: thrifted

March 18, 2011

The best things in life are free



Strokes?! For free?! Need say more? I am so beat right now. I REALLY don't want to miss the Generationals' two shows tonite, but I might have to. Sorry Tina and Monica-don't kill me haha.

Anyway, It has definitely been quite a week. The Strokes were great! As you can tell, there were HUNDREDS of people there (no shit), but I still got to enjoy the show and listen to some of the songs for their new album coming out March 22nd. I'm gonna sleep like a baby tonight. Nevertheless, it should be a good weekend. 

Crop top: Urban Outfitters
Sneakers: Forever 21

March 16, 2011

Music to my ears



First of all, I took my crappy hand-held camera and that is why the pictures look as blurry as they do. I tried my best. First show of SXSW Music week for me was Two Door Cinema Club. Opening for them was Bad Veins, which put on a GREAT show (first pic), and Royal Bangs, which weren't really my cup of tea. Like I pointed out to John after the 2nd song, "This sounds like a futuristic-robot-emo song." Best way to put it into words. Oh well. TDCC was one of the best shows I have seen (apart from No Doubt's comback tour). We got our dance on and our drink on, and it was definitely one hell of a night. Definitely worth the couple of hours I got of sleep.

Bye, Bye.

March 13, 2011

Wild thing



The beginning of a very interesting weekend...

I love Thai food and roller-coasters. That about sums up part of my weekend. Now-South by Southwest WEEK. SO excited.

Cheetah print top: Forever 21
Shorts: Zara
Wedges: MIA
Purse: Vintage Coach

March 6, 2011

Freedom & Cupcakes




I just love those random Saturdays when you have no specific plans to do anything exciting or even remotely entertaining. You're not limiting your mind to anything. This was this past Saturday: Lunch downtown, random photo shoot at an abandoned building, delicious cupcakes at Hey Cupcake!, and a night in downtown Austin celebrating a friend's birthday. Sure it's exhausting, but totally worth the new experiences.

That reminds me of this song I heard recently from this band called "Duck Sauce". It just makes you want to dance, have fun, and enjoy life. Oh, and also, it makes me want to go to New York really, really bad.