November 30, 2011

Giving Thanks

 Sequined top-Charlotte Russe/Suede skirt, earrings, & black tights-Forever 21/Wedges-Bandolino

So this was my Thanksgiving Day outfit. It was quite a long, long day that day. The weather was actually bearable that day and my parents in law have such a pretty garden growing in their back yard that I decided to make it my backdrop. These leave were all over the grass while I was taking pictures so I decided to incorporate them into the shoot. I think a real detailed drawing of this kind of leaf would look so pretty as a tattoo. BUT, that's just me. I really dig expression through art. What do you all think?

November 20, 2011

Wedding Daze

 Cardigan-Forever 21/Maxi skirt-American Apparel/Jewel necklace-Kenneth Cole

I recently attended my friend/co-worker Carey's wedding. It was amazingly beautiful! Everything was so classic and simply breathtaking! After all of the planning for months & months, it was so awesome to see it all come together. John and I had a great time eating the delicious food that was served (& cake!) , having yummy drinks (prickly pear margaritas) and exploring what is Laguna Gloria. I was able to catch the bride in her "sprint" across the venue after the ceremony for a quick photo. She looked so beautiful! 

My camera, of course, was blinking "low battery" since the moment I turned it on during the ceremony, because silly me, forgot to charge it. These were some of the shots I was able to get of the night before it gave out. 

November 16, 2011

Autum City

Top, shorts, flats, & necklace-Forever 21/Studded Bag-Furor Moda/Watch-Marc Jacobs

It was definitely pretty windy while taking these pictures. I was holding my hair down in about 97% of the pictures I got. The other 3% were not that good, haha. Anyway, I got a lot of compliments on my corduroy cheetah print shorts! I love them! They're so comfy! 

So, the pictures towards the bottom are from Mandola's restaurant here in Austin. I loveeee going there whenever I'm in the mood for authentic, homemade Italian food. It is delicious!!! We ended up getting a slice of the Italian Creme Cake-yum!

November 13, 2011

Studded Bag

Cardigan-Target/Pussybow blouse-Asos/shorts & knee-highs-Forever 21/studded bag- Furor Moda

I don't know how I feel about this whole time change situation. I'm at a crossroads-on one hand, I love the weather the fact that it is no longer 100+ degrees everyday, but it sucks that the sun is setting so early now. I feel like I don't have enough day anymore! 

Anyway, I have been wearing my new Alexander Wang inspired bag by Furor Moda nonstop for the past week! I could not get enough of the original Alexander Wang one since I first laid eyes on it a few months back. All I could do was dream at the moment since I knew I couldn't afford it. Then, one day, I was browsing around on Dani's blog ( and she was sporting this bag! I immediately went to the website she listed for the bag and did not hesitate to purchase it. $62!!! Wow. Sometimes I have no self-control :-)

November 10, 2011

Allison Harvard




Hello all! So this is Allison Harvard and she is amazing! She became my favorite competing models on America's Next Top Model when she first competed on Cycle 12. I remember I was SO upset when she got sent home. I was very excited to hear that they decided to have an "All Stars" season for Cycle 17 and that Allison was going to be one of the models to get a second shot at a contract! She is so completely adorable and it almost seems like there is nothing she can't do! Above are some shots and stills from both Cycles 12 & 17. She is so adorably weird and in Game's words: "Allison," But he loves to love her. As we all. 

It turns out she is a little weirder that I thought-and that just make her all that better! Check out this video:

And a tumbler page I found:  

 I would love love love to meet her and tell her just how awesome she is! You rock Allison!
 (I just realized I might have a small crush on her-can you tell? :-) Haha)