January 2, 2011



It was a very good day overall. This was my outfit for the day-bohemian chic. It came together very randomly. Sorry, I just noticed I'm using a lot of fragments. Anyway, I really wanted to wear my new gray bow headband, so I worked around that. I have to say, I was pretty satisfied with the end result.

The hubby and I went to dinner to this place called Moonshine in downtown Austin. It was very date appropriate, with the right lighting, perfect atmosphere, and delicious food. You can see a picture of him up there with complimentary popcorn as a pre-appetizer. We then continued the night at a live show venue called Emo's. They were having free show night so we took full advantage of that. We are not ones to pass up free music-regardless of the kind. It ended up being an array of genres from pure rock-n-roll, to indie, to country rock with a guy playing the double bass (pictured above). It was amazing! Austin in great!

Headband: Forever 21
Long sleeve white shirt & scarf: Thrifted
Jeans: Forever 21
Leopard print shoes: BCBG Paris
Satchel: Modcloth.com

Band: Crooks
(Also check out: Western Ghost House)


  1. I love your scarf and headband! Beautiful look! Happy New Year! xxoxoxoo

  2. the headband is so cute on you! i want to buy something like that it looks weird on me :/

    i adore you outfit too :)


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