January 21, 2011

It's the silly things we do





Helloooo freezing cold! Really, I don't even want to go to my car to grab that pair of flats I left there. I had to defrost in my apt. before I ran out to my porch to rush with the picture taking. Luckily, it wasn't THAT bad since the sun was hitting my skin in all the right places. Anyway, these last few pictures depict my Friday night: a warm fire going, and a stack of magazines that are way past overdue. I am seriously subscribed to too many of them. I was really stoked to see Michelle Williams on the cover of Marie Claire though. She was great in Blue Valentine! I'm saving that one for last. 

I hope it gets at least a little warmer tomorrow. I want to be able to leave my apt. not wearing like 3 layers of clothing. Gotta love winter! 

Blue print dress: Zara
Grey cardigan: Nordstrom
Scarf: thrifted
Flats: Dollhouse
Panda pin: thrifted

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  1. This pin is very cute. I love the color of this scarf as well. It really makes this outfit pop.



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