October 31, 2011


Black pants-Zara/Bag-The Sak/everything else-Forever 21

This is my new favorite necklace. AND sweater. It started to get really chilly this past weekend and I took FULL advantage of wearing one of my sweaters. Although it is the thinnest one I have, I still kept warm. Of course now, we are now back at 86 degrees F in Austin, but I guess it was good while it lasted...all of 1 day, haha. 

John and I went to go watch "Just in Time" with Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfreid on Friday and it was SO GOOD. That movie had me on the edge of my seat the entire time! I highly recommend it! We also had dinner at an Indian restaurant right before that so all I could smell all night was curry. Oh well-it was delicious.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! :)


  1. Awesome look, love how you layered it!!! Btw, having a H&M, Forever21 giveaway come and check it out!!!

    xo Emma

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  3. Very casual but still cute, especially with the accessories. You look like your going to a boys house on a movie date and you want to look laid back but still really cute :) lol


  4. lovely sweater, i really like the way you combined it all!



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