November 10, 2011

Allison Harvard




Hello all! So this is Allison Harvard and she is amazing! She became my favorite competing models on America's Next Top Model when she first competed on Cycle 12. I remember I was SO upset when she got sent home. I was very excited to hear that they decided to have an "All Stars" season for Cycle 17 and that Allison was going to be one of the models to get a second shot at a contract! She is so completely adorable and it almost seems like there is nothing she can't do! Above are some shots and stills from both Cycles 12 & 17. She is so adorably weird and in Game's words: "Allison," But he loves to love her. As we all. 

It turns out she is a little weirder that I thought-and that just make her all that better! Check out this video:

And a tumbler page I found:  

 I would love love love to meet her and tell her just how awesome she is! You rock Allison!
 (I just realized I might have a small crush on her-can you tell? :-) Haha)


  1. Wow, this is so cool and I do remember seeing her on America's Next Top Model. She has such unique eyes. She's really pretty, loved the photos you posted of her.

  2. all stars this cycle?! crazy! she is definitely super memorable. great images!



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