September 5, 2011

Four day weekend



 Top & Shorts-Forever 21/Boots-Jeffrey Campbell/Drawstring bag-The Sak/Ring-Forever 21

Four day weekend- couldn't ask for more.  I would say it was pretty relaxing, but I would be lying. It was A LOT of fun though, so that's good :)  Oh, and I got a new haircut! Yes, it's true, I got SO tired of my long hair that I decided to chop it off. I love it! It feels so light and it now takes about 10 minutes to style. It's GREAT! :) 

P.S. That last picture is a light fixture at Mother's Cafe and Garden, a vegetarian restaurant in Austin, TX. Yummy food!

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  1. You have a very cute style and your hair looks great! My hair is very long and I think about cutting it but I'm kind of too scared, haha :-) xoxooxo


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