September 7, 2011

Oxford "Coma"


My homie the Cow

 Oh, you boys!

 Vest-Urban Outfitters/Jeans-Zara/Oxfords-Steve Madden/Satchel-Vintage Coach/Ring & Hat-Forever 21

I've definitely have been in an "oxford coma". I decided to take my Oxfords out for another spin. I love the versatility of these shoes-they go with everything! I spent most of the weekend hanging out with my husband John and my brother-in-law Chris (like usual haha). After lunch on Sunday, we decided to go walk around The Arboretum (shopping center in Austin). We live right down the street from it and we needed to walk off the pound of food we had just eaten. I've always loved the view from this place. That picture above does not do it justice-it is seriously breathtaking. We ended up at this eccentric toy shop, Toy Joy. They have the funnest and weirdest toys and trinkets for everyone and anyone (as you can tell in some of the pictures above).

The weather in Austin has become bearable in the past few days. We are no longer in the 100+ degrees. I believe it actually dropped down to 86 degrees the other day! I haven't thought about it 'till now because of all of the fires that have happened lately.  Miles and miles of burnt houses and land. You  can see the smoke cloud from the center of the city. We DEFINITELY need some rain PRONTO!


  1. Love the outfit!! especially the combo of the hat and the shoes!!


  2. I like the casual laid back look you have, the oxfords are the perfect warm caramel. Super cute blog and my favorite part is that you're another adorable brown girl rocking fashion :). I like to support my tannies


  3. Thanks to your camera and your sincere observations, these pictures are just delightful to see.adorable people es[ecially..You look great,so glamorous

    Check out my blog if you have the time :D

  4. Hey !
    You look so cute with that outfit, I get why you're in love with your oxfords :)

    I'm digging that shark


  5. Im actually from Houston!! But I LOVE visiting Austin!


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