August 1, 2011

About a Girl


Nirvana T-Shirt-Target/Striped shorts-thrifted/Flats & Bag-Urban Outfitters/Sunglasses-H&M

Late (& short) Sunday post. This is me on a Sunday. I get sooooo lazy it's almost tragic. I'll throw on a good t-shirt, some baggy shorts and pull my hair back. John and I usually go watch a movie, do some grocery shopping or just go enjoy ourselves at one of the hundreds of parks in Austin. We recently, "accidentally" found a Mexican bakery that sells all sorts of fresh "pan dulce" (which translates into sweet bread). It reminds me of Sundays back home at my dad's house in Mexico. We used to buy loads of it and practically eat it all in one day. I'm trying really hard to not do that anymore...John-well, not so much, ha ha.

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