August 21, 2011

Parisian Shadows

Top-H&M/Maxi Skirt-American Apparel/Shoes-Forever 21/Clutch-thrifted/Earrings-Forever 21/Ring-Charming Charlies

So yeah, kind of a picture overload. I just felt like there were so many good ones! So, sue me. Anyway, I thought it was funny how my shadow in the pictures in so deceiving. The sun was just at the right angle for that to happen that way. I went to dinner with John at Mandola's, this very delicious Italian restaurant in Austin. One of my favorites. This skirt, for me, has become a staple. It is just so versatile. I can't wait for Winter so I can wear it with some Doc'll see.


  1. I love this outfit!! and that picture is hilarious!!!


  2. I love the skirt and shoes !


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