November 16, 2011

Autum City

Top, shorts, flats, & necklace-Forever 21/Studded Bag-Furor Moda/Watch-Marc Jacobs

It was definitely pretty windy while taking these pictures. I was holding my hair down in about 97% of the pictures I got. The other 3% were not that good, haha. Anyway, I got a lot of compliments on my corduroy cheetah print shorts! I love them! They're so comfy! 

So, the pictures towards the bottom are from Mandola's restaurant here in Austin. I loveeee going there whenever I'm in the mood for authentic, homemade Italian food. It is delicious!!! We ended up getting a slice of the Italian Creme Cake-yum!


  1. Beautiful outfit! I love your shorts, great print :)

  2. cute outfit! i really like your top and necklace! and you have a nice style!! (:

  3. lovely outfit! I especially love your leopard print shorts! And the food looks amazing! I love cake and cold cuts :)

    Samantha Mariko


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