March 20, 2011

Double take


This past weekend was sort of a blur. I hadn't gotten in enough sleep during the week that I couldn't think straight and completely enjoy the weekend. Saturday was a pretty random day: apartment hunting, homemade pizza for lunch (gracias Christian) and the American Apparel Flea Market Warehouse sale for SXSW. I guess I should have hit that a little earlier because by the time I got there, everyone else had already "vultured" their way in and out taking with them everything on the racks. The night started and ended early in downtown Austin, and after a couple of drinks I was ready to go home.

Today was a more relaxed day. Did a little shopping at Borders (the store is closing down) for a few travel books. Mostly places that are definitely on my mind for visitation in the near future.

Purple pants: Forever 21
Denim button-down: thrifted
White button-down: thrifted


  1. Ypu look great!!!Love your purple jeans!

  2. Thank you for the comment! I love your style!


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