March 18, 2011

The best things in life are free



Strokes?! For free?! Need say more? I am so beat right now. I REALLY don't want to miss the Generationals' two shows tonite, but I might have to. Sorry Tina and Monica-don't kill me haha.

Anyway, It has definitely been quite a week. The Strokes were great! As you can tell, there were HUNDREDS of people there (no shit), but I still got to enjoy the show and listen to some of the songs for their new album coming out March 22nd. I'm gonna sleep like a baby tonight. Nevertheless, it should be a good weekend. 

Crop top: Urban Outfitters
Sneakers: Forever 21


  1. dude so many questions for you but first...

    what!? how dare you miss the generationals! jk
    so my question is were the strokes the only ones playing on that stage that day? and since what time were people waiting? I heard there were 30,000 in attendance.

  2. Haha! There were actually 2 other bands playing before The Strokes, but I do not remember which ones. The first one started at 6pm. And it sure felt like there were that many people there. It was INSANELY packed. It was a good time though. :)

  3. well The Gen.'s were in Laredo on Saturday but their setlist was cut way short for lack of time... so I really want to see them when they go to emo's Austin saturday May 7.

  4. you heard it Sandra. me and lil sis will be there May 7 :)
    oh and i have a doctors appt April 1, so i'll be there.
    oh and cute outfit :)


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