December 4, 2011

Como la flor

Power shoulder leather jacket- Storets / Scarf-via TJ Maxx / Jeans- Zara / Boots- Asos

During Thanksgiving weekend, I accompanied my husband John on a business trip to Corpus Christi, TX. I have only been there one other time (22nd bday celebration thanks to some 0f my best friends), but I had never experienced it with freezing cold temperatures. While he was at his meeting early in the morning, I decided to get myself a latte and go and enjoy the beautiful beach (we had a beachfront view from our hotel!) It was so peaceful and serene. I then remembered that one of my all-time favorite artists has a memorial in made her honor when she died. Who other than Selena?! I remembered I was around 8 or 9 when tragedy struck. I was one of those little girls that had choreographed dances to ALL of her songs-ALL OF HER SONGS :-) I spent a good amount of time there-just reminiscing.

Now, isn't my jacket AH-mazing?! I actually bought it last Fall at due to a very inspiring blogger Chiara from looked so amazing sporting this baby that she totally convinced me. I was also very into the Balmain power shoulder look then. Still am actually :) This jacket totally fits like a glove and I am trying really hard not to wear it with everything I own. I made the mistake of "hiding" it in the back of my closet last year and totally forgot all about it once the cold weather came along. Not making that same mistake this year!

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