April 21, 2011


Here's a quick post for today! I haven't been able to upload any pictures in a while. I realized today that wearing heels to work might not be such a good idea. There is too much getting up, running around and sitting back down. Yeah, flats might be a better idea. Anyway, I am going back to posting my weekend outfits tomorrow. I am usually too tired to take pictures after a long day of work during the week, that is why weekday outfit posts are unusual in this blog. That and the fact that I have am too tired from the day before to even care about coming up with a good outfit for work. Oh well, whaddaya gonna do, right? I'll do it every now and then. 'Till then!-listen to this awesome song:

Cheetah-print top: Forever 21
Silk pants: Forever 21
Black suede pumps: BCBG Paris

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  1. you look great! :)



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