April 2, 2011

I was sitting round like a zombie feedin' my own face



This was my outfit for the Cold War Kids concert last night. I was so extremely tired after the long week that I just did NOT want to go anywhere. I just wanted to nap. But how can I pass up a Cold War Kids concert that I already had had tickets to for like 2 months. I sucked it up and ended up having a freaking good time. 

These guys can certainly put on a show. They switch instruments with each other and even play the drums with maracas. I have always love the singers voice. It's unique and definitely mesmerizing. These last few pictures were taken by my husband, John, and his awesome Android because of the ever so annoying staff at Stubb's and their "no camera" rule. Even though I'm sure people probably sneak in their tiny cameras by hiding them in their crotch or something. Definitely something to consider for next time.

Hot Pants: Urban Outfitters
Button-down: John's closet
Gold Mary Janes: Hot Topic (old)

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  1. love ur shorts!!! so cool!

    xoxo jenna


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